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    Louisville, KY, July 25, 2018 --( The family of SHPSA has expanded by delivering a more powerful device that generates up to 2,500 Amps /650 V or 300kW rms and 1.6MW pulses, assembled in 19"W x 39"L x 72"H rack cabinet. A controller PF-SPCO/x configures several SPST-NO switches (like a D9G650D103) rated at 1,000 Amps & 650V as a single SPDT&N (or SPCO) switch with a neutral, break-before-make action. The neutral state is an extremely useful property of SHPSA. It allows users to replace a load while applied voltages are still presented on input terminals. Most remarkable, the device delivers 1,000 Amps almost perfect rectangular wave pulses with matching rising and falling slopes, even on a capacitive load, faster than 160ns with "G" series switches and 78ns or faster with the "F" series switches. Such performance is due to a superfast discharging capacitor array (SDCA-08) or a V-battery that is capable of discharging 2,500 Amps in microseconds. Combined with an external pulse generator SHPSA can generate all kind of waveforms for testing various devices, conduct scientific researches, defense and industrial applications.

    As a stand alone, high-power pulses can be delivered using an internal adjustable pulse generator, triggered manually or remotely. The PF-SPCO provides several modes of operation:

    1. A single shot (a duration of the pulse is set by a built-in adjustable generator).
    2. A push-pull (1/2 bridge driver) mode, up to 200KHz, set by an external generator.
    3. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) of either shoulder (switch).
    4. Disable mode, in which the output is floating (neutral).

    The SHPSA is designed as a versatile device. Prices vary from $56K to $184 depending on a speed, power, control, capacitor of the V-battery, etc. It can be used to test various power components, switch-mode power supplies, and any other equipment for their susceptibility to an applied power. It is perfect as a pulsar in high-speed Capacitor Discharging Welding Systems with ultra-fast rising time for high-throughout weld cycles over a broad range of applications. It will find use in a particle acceleration, ultra-strong magnetic field generation, and fusing research fields, as well as providing power to high-power pulsed laser and generating electromagnetic pulses.

    Contact Information:
    Electronic Design & Research
    Vladimir A Shvartsman
    Contact via Email

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    Shanghai, China, July 25, 2018 --( Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd., today updated its annealing furnace to improve physical properties of copper nickel pipes, flanges, and fittings. This comes after upgrading the otto junker furnace, extrusion press machines, and other quality testing equipment.

    Shihang bright annealing furnace will improve the physical properties of CuNi 90/10 and CuNi 70/30 piping systems. Through this upgrade, Shihang aims to improve performance and surface finish of all shihang seamless copper nickel pipes (less than 419mm OD).

    “Our focus is to manufacture seam welded and seamless copper nickel pipes that meet the dynamic needs in all applications,” Kurt Yang, Shihang Export Manager. “Therefore, as a company, we must upgrade our manufacturing plant, to increase our capacity and capability for the growing demand of CuNi 90/10 and CuNi 70/30 pipe systems.”

    With the new annealing furnace, Shihang strictly controls most physical and chemical properties of copper-nickel pipes. The furnace accurately controls the annealing temperature, thereby hardening and removing all internal stresses in Shihang copper nickel pipes.

    By upgrading the annealing furnace, Shihang will attain a better surface finish of copper-nickel pipes. The surface will be beautiful and brighter, thereby increasing the aesthetic value.

    Even during the annealing process, the new furnace will not alter the chemical composition of the copper-nickel pipes.

    With the efficient annealing furnace, which uses less energy, Shihang clients will benefit from the cost competitive copper nickel pipes. The new annealing furnace features an improved heating system and design, guaranteeing uniformity of the annealing process.

    Since it controls the annealing temperature more accurately (about 800℃), Shihang strictly monitors the physical properties of copper-nickel pipes. Moreover, Shihang can produce copper nickel pipes with consistent and controllable mechanical properties.

    Still, Shihang copper nickel pipes must pass strict quality control (QC) conforming to the DIN, EEMUA and ASME standards. Shihang uses modern Spectrograph, hydrostatical and tensile testing machines.

    About Shihang
    Founded in 1996, Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. has expanded to be a premier manufacturer and supplier of CuNi 90/10 & CuNi 70/30 pipes, fittings, and flanges.

    At every stage, Shihang has adopted strict quality control (QC) to ensure all copper nickel pipes conform to the DIN 86019, EEMUA 144, ASME B36.19M and MIL-T-16420K dimensional standards.

    Shihang is an ISO 9001:2015 bv certified copper nickel manufacturer.

    Contact details:
    Contact person: Kurt Yang (Shihang Export Manager)
    Phone no: +86-137-6103–4866

    Contact Information:
    Shanghai Shihang Copper Nickel Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.
    Kurt Yang
    Contact via Email

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    New York, NY, July 25, 2018 --( Watts Miners is pleased to announce the formal launch of three new mining rigs with capabilities to take the global crypto space by storm. Led by some of the most experienced specialists in the cryptocurrency mining industry, Watts Miners has utilized ASIC chip technology to deliver three introductory products that are pre-configured for ease of use and promise return on investment within just one month.

    The three new miners from Watts Miners are named Watts Mini, Watts Miner, and Watts Rack. Each of these miners are built and designed to operate under multiple algorithms. Apart from Bitcoin, they are capable of mining Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Dash. The company has put together a brilliant hardware design to come up with products that will stand apart from the rest by delivering high hash rates and low power consumption. Prior to the launch of the product, each miner has been thoroughly evaluated, prototyped, and pressure tested under extreme conditions.

    The most noteworthy feature of the new miners from Watts Miners is their high hash rate power.

    * Watts Mini: Bitcoin 120 TH/s, Litecoin 30 GH/s, Ethereum 4 GH/s, Monero 200 KH/s, and Dash 1.1 TH/s

    * Watts Miner: Bitcoin 250 TH/s, Litecoin 50 GH/s, Ethereum 7 GH/s, Monero 300 KH/s, and Dash 1.7 TH/s

    * Watts Rack: Bitcoin 1000 TH/s, Litecoin 200 GH/s, Ethereum 28 GH/s, Monero 1200 KH/s, and Dash 6.8 TH/s

    Some other impressive features of these miners include:

    * Most effective closed-loop cooling system

    * Can be installed at living zones because of low noise level

    * Noiseless Fans with improved aerodynamics of the blades and built-in anti-vibration pad

    * Radiators with more than 15% increased rib area

    * Silent high-pressure pumps

    * Durability of more than 70,000 hours of working

    * Power consumption of 800W±10%, 1200W±10%, and (1200W±10%) x 4 for the three models

    “We made it easier for the common man to join the mining game. All you have to do is just plug in the socket and start mining,” says David Anderson, the CEO of Watts Miners.

    To find out more about Watts Miners and their exquisite range of products, please visit

    About Walls Miners: Watts Miners is a manufacturer of high-quality cryptocurrency miners that deliver extremely high hash power without consuming a lot of power. Their team comprises of several top level professionals from renowned organizations such as Samsung, Microsoft, IBM, and many others. Headquartered in New York, the company currently has manufacturing facilities in USA, Germany, China and Russia.

    Contact Information:
    Watts Miners Inc.
    Nancy Lopez
    Contact via Email

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    Pointe Claire, Canada, July 25, 2018 --( Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, was recently awarded NorComp's 2017 Excellence Award.

    "We're very pleased with our Future partnership," said John McGowan, NorComp General Manager. "We look forward to continued strong global sales growth."

    Robert Miller, President of Future Electronics, congratulated everyone who contributed to winning the award, and thanked his team for their dedication and hard work.

    "The Future team is very proud to receive this honor from Norcomp," said Ryan Petsche, Future's Corporate Vice-President of Interconnect. "We greatly value our partnership, and we will continue to expand our shared customer base and grow our share of global business together."

    NorComp, a global leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of electronic interconnects, is a part of the EDAC Group of Companies consisting of EDAC, MH Connectors and Communication Devices. NorComp was founded in 1982 and is privately held.

    Robert Miller, President, founded the privately held company in 1968, and considers Future's employees to be its most valuable asset.

    For more information about Future Electronics, visit:

    About Future Electronics

    Future Electronics is a global leader in electronics distribution, ranking 3rd in component sales worldwide, with an impressive reputation for developing efficient, comprehensive global supply chain solutions, as well as differentiated engineering services encompassing technical support, technology training and custom board design. Founded in 1968 by Robert Miller, President, Future Electronics has established itself as one of the most innovative organizations in the industry today, with 5,500 employees in 169 offices in 44 countries around the world. Future Electronics is globally integrated, with one worldwide IT infrastructure providing real-time inventory availability and access, while enabling full integration of its operations, sales and marketing worldwide. Offering the highest level of service, the most advanced engineering capabilities and technical solutions through all stages of the design-production cycle, and the largest available-to-sell inventory in the world, Future's mission is always to Delight the Customer®. For more information, visit

    Media Contact

    Martin H. Gordon
    Director, Corporate Communications
    Future Electronics
    514-694-7710 (ext. 2236)
    Fax: 514-630-2671

    Contact Information:
    Future Electronics
    Martin H. Gordon
    Contact via Email
    237 Hymus Boulevard, Pointe Claire, Quebec H9R 5C7, Canada

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    Stuttgart, Germany, July 26, 2018 --( Shariff Social Share Extension for Magento 2 adds GDPR compliant Social Sharing Buttons to your Magento 2 site. Sharing buttons can be added for up to 22 different social networks and sharing service buttons and are easily customizable regarding style, position, and locale.

    JaJuMa GmbH is a Magento and E-Commerce Agency focusing on solutions around Magento, from Multi-Vendor Marketplaces, Online Stores, Extensions to PIM Systems and more. JaJuMa Shariff Social Share Extension has been added to this portfolio to cover Cclients need to allow social sharing, but still complying with GDPR.

    GDPR Compliant
    The extension is the first fully GDPR compliant social sharing solution for Magento 2. Official sharing buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Co., as well as other implementations for sharing buttons are designed for tracking users. With each view, data of the site visitor gets send to the social networks. The transmitted data also enables visitors and their behavior to be tracked across different websites. Utilizing the popular Shariff script and it’s so called “2-Click-Solution” tracking of customers by social networks is prevented effectively.

    Expandable & Customizable
    Moreover share buttons can be customized regarding style, color-scheme, language used for share texts as well as be placed at different positions on each page. The site owner can also choose from 22 sharing services and configure what options he wants to offer to his customers. Of course, JaJuMa Shariff Social Share sharing buttons are working with responsive design for a mobile devices.

    Furthermore the extension comes with 100% unencrypted source code, making it easy to further customize by adding new styles, features or new sharing services.

    Continuous development & Improvements
    What’s more JaJuMa team of developers is constantly working on the improvement and updating of Shariff Social Share Extension to make it even better for your Magento store.

    Contact Information
    JaJuMa GmbH
    Badstr. 19
    71134 Aidlingen
    Phone: +49 (0)151 233 241 95

    Contact Information:
    JaJuMa GmbH
    Oliver Jaufmann
    +49 (0)151 233 241 95
    Contact via Email

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    San Diego, CA, July 26, 2018 --( Express Logic, the worldwide leader in royalty-free real-time operating systems (RTOSes), announced today that its industrial-grade X-Ware IoT Platform®, powered by the industry-leading ThreadX® RTOS, with over 6.2 billion deployments, provides turnkey support for the Xilinx Zynq® UltraScale®+ MPSoCs, both Application Processing Unit (Quad/Dual Cortex®-A53) and Realtime Processing Unit (Dual Cortex-R5) MPSoCs. This complements Express Logic’s longtime support of Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs, such as the Xilinx Zynq-7000 and the MicroBlaze Processor softcore.

    The X-Ware IoT Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive deeply embedded runtime offering, including the ThreadX/ThreadX Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) RTOS, the FileX® embedded FAT file system, the embedded GUIX UI framework, the NetX™ and NetX Duo™ embedded TCP/IP protocol stacks, the USBX™ embedded USB solution, and OpenAMP. Because of the X-Ware IoT Platform’s extensive IoT protocol and security support, including coverage for MQTT, CoAP, LwM2M, IPsec, DTLS, TLS, and 6LoWPAN, IoT cloud connectivity is easy. The X-Ware IoT Platform is also Thread Group certified, contains no open source, provides high performance, and an industry-leading small footprint.

    The ThreadX SMP RTOS provides all the benefits of the standard ThreadX RTOS along with automatic load-balancing across all cores, enabling applications to fully exploit the multiple cores of the Zynq UltraScale+ device family. The ThreadX SMP RTOS also supports capabilities of the OpenAMP project for non-SMP uses of the X-Ware IoT Platform.

    The X-Ware IoT Platform puts safety first. In addition to its performance and size advantages, its component products ThreadX/ThreadX SMP, FileX, and NetX Duo have attained the highest level of safety certifications. They include IEC 61508 SIL 4, IEC 62304 Class C, ISO 26262 ASIL D, EN 50128 SW-SIL 4, UL 60730-1 Annex H, CSA E60730-1 Annex H, IEC 60730-1 Annex H, 60335-1 Annex R, and IEC 60335-1 Annex R, 1998.

    “We are pleased that Express Logic has extended its longstanding support of Xilinx processor enabled devices, bringing online support for our latest heterogenous MPSoC devices. The additional inclusion of OpenAMP support allows our customers to both utilize and coordinate between each of the processing cores and programmable logic available in Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ devices,” said Simon George, Director of System Software and SoC Solution Marketing, Xilinx. “Customers who are designing advanced, real-time, high-performance and low power system designs will benefit from Express Logic’s comprehensive solutions.”

    The Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs combine the ARM®v8-based Cortex-A53 high-performance energy-efficient 64-bit application processor with the ARM Cortex-R5 real-time processor and the UltraScale architecture to create the industry’s first All Programmable MPSoCs. The Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs provide unprecedented power savings, heterogeneous processing, and programmable acceleration. The Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoCs also feature an Asymmetric Multi Processing (OpenAMP) development framework that enables the development of software applications for Asymmetric Multiprocessing (AMP) systems such that users can effectively communicate and manage independent processors and software stacks. In addition, the Xilinx Zynq 7000 features embedded processing with Dual ARM Cortex-A9 core processors and enables the development of networking applications with 10-100-1000 Mbps Ethernet (GMII, RGMII and SGMII​).

    “Our support of the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ complements our existing support of the Zynq portfolio,” said William E. Lamie, President, Express Logic. “The X-Ware IoT Platform powered by ThreadX provides embedded developers with all they need to make the most of Xilinx’s FPGAs and SoCs, supporting the highest performance and fastest real-time response whenever and wherever they need it.”

    About Express Logic and ThreadX
    Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic, Inc., offers the industry’s most advanced runtime solutions for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX® RTOS, the high-performance NetX™ and NetX Duo™ embedded TCP/IP stacks, the FileX® embedded FAT-compatible file system, the USBX™ Host/Device embedded USB protocol stack, and the GUIX™ embedded graphical user interface development toolkit. Express Logic products include full source code and are available free of run-time royalties. For more information about Express Logic solutions, please visit, call 1-888-THREADX, or e-mail

    ThreadX, TraceX, FileX, and X-Ware IoT Platform are registered trademarks, and Safety-Critical Certification Pack, NetX, NetX Duo, USBX, GUIX, GUIX Studio, LevelX, preemption-threshold, picokernel, and UDP fast path technology are trademarks of Express Logic. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders.

    Contact Information:
    Hughes Communications, Inc.
    Angie Hatfield, Media Relations
    Contact via Email

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    Seoul, Korea, South, July 26, 2018 --( Publisher and mobile game developer FourThirtyThree Inc. (4:33) announced that its mobile sports game Boxing Star took the #1 spots on iPhone App Stores’ free game charts in 19 countries.

    In addition to its #1 place in 19 countries, the game is presently ranked among the top 10 in UK, Slovakia and 95 other App Stores. After its grand launch on July 12th, the game ranked #3 and #5 in Thailand and US App Stores, respectively.

    Notably, the game has an average 4.7 rating on the App Stores and is gradually gaining momentum through its dynamic gameplay and positive feedback from players.

    Boxing Star features an immersive Story Mode in which players fight through challengers with unique fighting skills. Pitted against the challenger in a boxing ring, players must take on opponents by developing unique skills and fighting styles of their own.

    Players can improve their boxer’s core skills through a skill-set upgrade that lets them master their jabs, hooks and special moves to knock out their opponents.

    A fairly deep character customization mechanic sets this game apart from other boxing games. Character customization includes the player character’s outfit, accessories, hairstyle, skin color, clothing and tattoos.

    The game was praised by many players even before its launch, and garnered 1 million pre-registrations.

    Boxing Star is now available on Android and iOS platforms in 140 countries.

    Contact Information:
    Four Thirty Three Inc.
    Yohan Chung
    Contact via Email

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    Saint Paul, MN, July 26, 2018 --( Avionté Staffing Software, a leader in technology solutions for recruiting and staffing professionals, is thrilled to announce an integration partnership with The Work Number® from Equifax, which delivers an automated verification solution that streamlines the transfer of information between employers and verifiers. By reducing the level of employer involvement and providing a secure and accelerated decision process, Avionté customers will be able to streamline the verification process.

    “The Work Number is already trusted by 25 of our customers as an automated verification solution that not only saves them time, but helps ease employer concerns surrounding the release of employee data as part of the verification process,” said Brian Sterrett, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Partner Business at Avionté. “With the enhanced partnership, The Work Number will be available to all new and existing Avionté payroll customers. We’ve completed a standard integration with The Work Number that takes on the verification process via a secure connection with verifiers on our customers’ behalf, giving back valuable time to customers so they can focus on running their staffing business.”

    This solution helps reduce an employer‘s risk of providing sensitive information to an unknown third party, provides an unbiased verification, and reduces the HR department’s overall workload by minimizing time spent on verifications.

    Additionally, each verification request is tracked and can be provided in a report upon request. Employees also have 24/7 access to their Employment Data Report (EDR) through The Work Number website, providing visibility into who has requested their information without needing to contact the staffing company.

    “We are delighted to enhance our successful partnership with Avionté,” said Jeff Wagner, Alliances Sales Leader of Equifax Workforce Solutions. “This includes the addition of The Work Number as an available offering from Avionté to all of their clients and prospects. It also better enables Equifax Workforce Solutions to bundle our best-in-class solutions for more staffing agencies.”

    The Work Number will be a no cost service for all Avionté customers, who can register for the service at Avionté’s annual user conference, CONNECT, taking place July 31-August 2 in St. Paul, MN.

    About Avionté
    Avionté Staffing Software provides innovative front and back office staffing software solutions to over 550 customers and nearly 15,000 users throughout the U.S. and Canada. With one end-to-end staffing software solution, staffing agencies have access to the information and tools they need – anytime, anywhere, via any device – to maximize productivity and profits.

    About Equifax
    Equifax is a global information solutions company that uses unique data, innovative analytics, technology and industry expertise to power organizations and individuals around the world by transforming knowledge into insights that help make more informed business and personal decisions. Equifax Workforce Solutions, an Equifax business unit, is a leading provider of human resource compliance, analytics and verification technology and services.

    Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Equifax operates or has investments in 24 countries in North America, Central and South America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region. It is a member of Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500® Index, and its common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol EFX. Equifax employs 10,400 employees worldwide.

    Contact Information:
    Avionté Staffing Software
    Brenda Long
    Contact via Email

    Read the full story here:

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    Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 2018 --( The world's smallest and lightest Translation Device "IU" succeeded 470,000USD crowdfunding in Japan.

    IU Global begins sales on Kickstarter with their world-first device that delivers over 20 readily translatable languages as well as the world's first offline English to Chinese and vice versa translation device.

    IU is a translation device that fits into the palm of your hand and allows you to talk with anyone around the world without need to know their native language. It currently boasts over 20 different translatable languages. It’s the world's smallest and most lightweight device that allows you to translate very popular languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, French, Italian and many, many more. The special thing about this device is that it also has the ability to translate English and Chinese while offline.

    Offline translation capabilities
    English / Chinese

    Online translation capabilities
    Arabic / Greek / Danish / Dutch / French / German / Korean / Indonesian / Chinese / Italian / English / Japanese / Vietnamese / Russian / Spanish / Swedish / Hindi / Taiwanese / Portuguese / Cantonese / Turkish

    Moving forward with their overseas sale of the device as of July 2018, sales on Kickstarter will begin. Other than translation, the device can be used for things such as calls or as a portable Bluetooth speaker when listening to music or watching videos.

    - Kickstarter IU Project Page
    The world's first offline translation device. The smallest and most lightweight device with over 20 available languages. IU, the translation device that fits into the palm of your hand.



    1. Before using the device, please download the free “IU” app from your phone's app store. (requires registration)

    2. After connecting your smartphone via Bluetooth to the IU device, open the app and set up the languages you wish to use. Ensure you set the “I” language to your own language and the “U” language to your partner's language.

    3. Press down the “I” button until the device beeps, after this you are able to speak to the device. Once you have finished speaking, release the button and the IU device will say your translated sentence.

    4. Hand over the IU device to your partner and have them hold down the U button and do the same with what they would like to say.

    5. Language settings: To change the language settings, all you have to do is speak to IU. Simply hold both the “I” and “U” buttons down at the same time for 3 seconds. After you do, the device should ask you to select your languages, ensure you keep pressing both the buttons down and say your languages in order of “I” then “U” to the device. If you wanted to set the “I” to English and “U” to Italian, then you would simply say, “English, Italian”. The device will then change the languages accordingly.

    Device Information
    Signal Type: Bluetooth 4.0
    Weight: Approx. 34g
    Measurements: Φ30x36mm
    Power: Lithium battery
    Mic: Noise-cancelling dual microphone
    Usage time: 5 hours
    Required charging time: 1.5 hours (Can differ based on charging method and remaining charge of battery)
    Included items: IU device, Micro-USB charging cable, neck strap(black), instructions manual, product warranty
    Compatible OS: iOS 10.0 and above, Android 6.0 and above
    Country of origin: Taiwanese

    Contact information
    Intelligent Group Ltd.
    Home page:

    * Samples can be provided if any media or company require.

    Contact Information:
    Intelligent Group Ltd.
    Austin Yang
    +886 2 8751 8799
    Contact via Email

    Read the full story here:

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    City of Industry, CA, July 26, 2018 --( Axiomtek, one of the world's leading design and manufacturing companies of innovative, high performance and reliable PC-based industrial computer products, is proud to introduce its newest industrial-grade touch panel PC, the P1177E-500. This rugged touch panel computer has a 17-inch XGA TFT LCD display with a 5-wire resistive touchscreen and 250 nits of brightness. It also has an aluminum IP65/NEMA 4 front bezel to protect against damage from dust and spilled liquids. The P1177E-500 is feature-rich and highly customizable with scalable CPU options and rich I/Os to deliver true value to customers. The all-in-one panel PC is well-suited for use in multimedia kiosks or as a human machine interface (HMI) for industrial automation applications.

    The P1177E-500 offers multiple CPU options with the LGA1151 socket 7th/6th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Celeron® or Pentium® processors and the Intel® H110 chipset. Its rich I/O interfaces include two Gigabit Ethernet ports (built-in Intel® I211-AT Ethernet Controller), three RS-232 ports, one RS-232/422/485 port, four USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, one audio (Mic-in/Line-out), one VGA, one HDMI, one DisplayPort and one remote power switch. For extensive storage options, the P1177E-500 offers a choice of one 2.5" SATA HDD, one 3.5" SATA HDD or two 2.5" SATA HDD. This industrial touch panel computer has a wide operating temperature range of 0°C to +50°C (+32°F to +122°F). The P1177E-500 also comes with built-in speakers for multimedia kiosk applications and offers an optional Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module and WLAN antenna for wireless connectivity. It can be mounted using a desktop stand, VESA arm or wall mounting. It supports a variety of operating systems including Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1 and Windows® 7.

    "The P1177E-500 has a user-friendly less screw design for easy installation and maintenance," said Raymond Liao, a product manager of the Touch Panel Computer Division at Axiomtek. "It also features dual DDR4-2133 Long-DIMM sockets for up to 32GB of system memory. For expandability, it offers one PCIe x4 or PCI slot for integration with a variety of add-on cards."

    The P1177E-500 is now available for purchase. For more information, please visit or contact us at

    Some Key Features:

    - 17" XGA TFT LCD display with a 5-wire resistive touchscreen and 250 nits of brightness
    - LGA1151 socket 7th/6th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3, Celeron® or Pentium® processors with Intel® H110 chipset
    - IP65-rated design with less screws for easy installation
    - Two GbE LANs, four COMs, four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0
    - Choice of one PCIe x4 or one PCI slot
    - Built-in speakers and optional Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module
    - 5 OSD keys in front panel

    About Axiomtek Co., Ltd.

    Axiomtek Co., Ltd. established in 1990, is one of the world's leading designers/manufacturers of PC-based industrial computer products. From its roots as a turnkey systems integrator specializing in data acquisition and control systems, Axiomtek has mirrored the PC and IoT evolutions by shifting its focus toward the design and manufacture of PC-based industrial solutions and value-added services for different industries including transportation, medical, industrial automation, power utilities and renewable energy, digital signage, network appliances, gaming and retail/POS/Kiosks. It has more than 60 distributor partners globally. Axiomtek offers industrial PCs, single board computers and system on modules, fanless and rugged embedded systems, intelligent transportation systems, EtherCAT Master Controllers, IoT gateway devices, touch panel computers, medical grade PCs, digital signage OPS players, industrial network and network appliances and casino gaming platforms.

    Axiomtek USA headquarters is located in City of Industry, Calif. Established in 1994, the subsidiary incorporates product integration and logistics as well as a wide range of service offerings including design assistance, technical support and return merchandise assistance. Axiomtek Systems in Methuen, MA, was formed in 2012 after its acquisition. It has added its high level of expertise on COTS integration and a variety of value-added services to Axiomtek USA’s comprehensive suite of capabilities. Axiomtek USA has become the premier value-added service provider for systems integration assistance and project management.

    As an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, Axiomtek continuously develops and delivers cutting edge solutions based on the latest Intel® platforms.

    Contact Information:
    Larry Wu
    Contact via Email

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    San Francisco, CA, July 26, 2018 --( After its first introduction at CES 2018 early this year, smart lock company KeyWe Inc. pre-launched its deadbolt model on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The campaign was fully funded in only three hours and raised nearly $600,000 in 40 days.

    Smart door locks are considered an easy entry product to building a smart home making keys a story of the past. With new home automation devices and hubs being introduced everyday, the KeyWe smart lock offers a high level of flexibility with its multiple ways of connecting and makes access control simple with the easy-to-use app. In addition to its smart features, the strong security aspect and the sleek design of the hardware seem to have convinced the users on Kickstarter.

    During its Kickstarter campaign, the KeyWe team put a special emphasis on clear and constant communication with its backers. Answering all of over 600 comments, the company actively lead the discussions with its supporters and even incorporated their opinions in three of the six Stretch Goals. These Stretch Goals include safety features, e.g. higher encryption and stronger cylinder for the hardware.

    “We knew that we had a strong product that’s ready for the U.S. market but we didn’t expect the feedback to be this good,” says Damian Kim, CEO of KeyWe Inc. “Since our product intro at the CES 2018, we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries. But we wanted to make sure that our product and customer care can live up to the expectations. We are thrilled that we received such amazing confirmation through our backers and can’t wait to offer KeyWe to even more customers in the future.”

    KeyWe’s current campaign on Indiegogo InDemand:

    Contact Information:
    KeyWe Inc.
    Illa Kim
    Contact via Email

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    New York, NY, July 26, 2018 --( AquaQ Analytics Limited (, the Belfast-based software and consultancy services company to clients operating within the Finance and Utilities sectors, is pleased to announce the release of q-REST v1.0 – a RESTful web interface for the kdb+ database.

    This open source package has been designed as a convenient way for web clients to make requests to a kdb+ database instance using the JSON format. The package can be easily integrated with Swagger UI, Docker and standard authentication methods such as SSO, allowing users to easily integrate the package into their current kdb+ set up. Database security can also be improved by only permitting certain requests to be run against a kdb+ instance and by setting additional permissions based on the username of the requester. Instructions for installation and deployment of the service can be found along with a blog post explaining the Interface here:

    q-REST is the latest addition to the AquaQ set of software products that already includes a number of feed handlers to connect kdb+ to market data providers, the open source AquaQ TorQ framework for kdb+ and an online video-based kdb+ training portal with different courses aimed at developers & analysts.

    For more information on AquaQ software products, see:

    For more information on AquaQ online training courses, see:

    About AquaQ:
    AquaQ Analytics Limited is a software development company and provider of specialist data management, data science and data visualisation services to clients operating within the Capital Markets and Utilities sectors. Our domain knowledge, combined with advanced analytical techniques and expertise in best-of-breed technologies, helps our clients get the most out of their data. The company is also a joint venture partner in, an analytics SaaS offering on the cloud for trade/client/LP/algo analytics.

    Please contact us via

    Contact Information:
    AquaQ Analytics Limited
    Ivy McFarlane
    Contact via Email

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    Pune, India, July 27, 2018 --( Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. is a leading automotive group and one of the largest vehicle manufacturers in India. It has large number of dealers spread across the country. To manage this huge dealer network, it has implemented a dealer management system, through which various documents are issued and processed. The invoices and related documents are issued by Mahindra through this dealer management system. Recently, Mahindra group implemented digital signing capability in their dealer management system, in order to issue digitally signed electronic invoices. E-Lock provided its software development kit (SDK) that integrated seamlessly into the Mahindra's dealer management system and enabled digital signing of invoices.

    By implementing digital signing of electronic invoices, Mahindra has not only complied with legal requirements pertaining to invoice issuance but also improved document security and data integrity. It has improved customer experience too.

    E-Lock provides different types of digital signing solutions suitable to different needs of Organizations. It provides stand alone software solutions as well as SDK/API solutions that can integrate with any third party web applications. Organizations can sign single or multiple electronic files and take their processes online while reducing the costs, efforts and time required to process the documents.

    About E-Lock:
    E-Lock is a pioneer and an expert in the field of PKI based digital signature technology. It is one of the few providers of digital signature software solutions in India. It has provided solutions for many mission critical applications to Organizations and Governments across 25 countries worldwide. E-Lock provides different solutions suitable to unique needs of each customer. It provides desktop based, server based solutions as well as components that can integrate with any existing or new application without changing its workflow.

    To know more about E-Lock, pl. visit:

    Contact Information:
    Geetanjali Kulkarni
    020 25560602
    Contact via Email

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    San Jose, CA, July 27, 2018 --( CS Odessa is pleased to announce the new edition of Azure Architecture Solution for ConceptDraw PRO. The new version of solution updates the previous release with new libraries, templates, and samples. This collection of scalable vector library objects and templates for ConceptDraw PRO makes short work of describing any cloud configuration based on Windows Azure Platform and Azure Cloud Architecture with an updated set of graphic elements.

    Azure Architecture Solution offers a great variety of standard graphic icons and sample architectures schemes depicting Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Platform & Services, that are must-have for major architectural diagrams.

    The updated solution is extended with 12 new libraries containing 497 vector objects and a set of new samples and templates. Network architects, system designers, and other IT professionals will find out here the extensive collection of graphic objects that will help them build great Azure architecture diagrams.

    The Azure Architecture solution is available at no charge to users of ConceptDraw PRO v11 and ConceptDraw Office v4, via STORE.

    ConceptDraw PRO, supported by the ever-growing collection of business solutions is compatible with macOS and Windows. It is well-known for the ability to exchange documents with Microsoft Visio — the de facto standard in business graphics documents. ConceptDraw PRO can open and save documents that can be used by Visio (VSD, VDX and VSDX documents) users.

    ConceptDraw PRO v11 retails separately for US$199 per end user license and is includes in ConceptDraw Office v4 which retails for US$499.

    ConceptDraw Productivity Line:

    Azure Architecture — makes short work of describing any cloud configuration based on Windows Azure Platform.

    ConceptDraw PRO v11 — business graphics and diagramming product (compatible with MS Visio file format).

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP v9 — brainstorming, planning, and mind mapping software (compatible with MS Office applications).

    ConceptDraw PROJECT v8 — project and resource management tool (compatible with MS Project).

    ConceptDraw Office v4 — powerful and economical business suite that contains the entire ConceptDraw Desktop Product line.

    Solutions — an online collection of visual solutions designed to provide productivity increasing solutions for all ConceptDraw products.

    Operating Systems Supported:
    macOS 10.12 and 10.13
    Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 (64-bit certified)

    About CS Odessa
    Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphics technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. With headquarter in Odessa, Ukraine, CS Odessa sells internationally in over 150 countries, both directly and through resellers. The ConceptDraw line of products has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands, including Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Federal Government agencies, small and medium businesses, and students and educators around the globe.

    Contact Information:
    Computer System Odessa
    Anna Korlyakova
    Contact via Email

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    Rochelle Park, NJ, July 27, 2018 --( CoreValue Services is happy to announce that they have become official members of the CAI-Global IT Partner Alliance.

    Alliance is a global network of independent IT companies aimed at connecting their unique offers with customers’ needs, in order to deliver innovations and build strong relationships with clients.

    Partnering with Alliance further demonstrates the rising success of CoreValue and offers a platform to accelerate our growth in the global market.

    Roman Dzvinka, VP of Business Development, CoreValue, comments, “To become a member of Alliance gives credibility to the achievements the CoreValue team has made, and opens new ample opportunities for our global reach.”

    The mission of Alliance is to combine the individual strengths of IT organizations into a cooperative, sharing, and connected world-wide network, helping members immediately expand their products and services which resonates well with the present CoreValue strategy.

    Michael Bragen, Director, CAI, notes, “We’re very excited to have CoreValue join our group, and I’m sure that the exposure to our fast-growing set of members and their customers will provide you with significant global expansion opportunities.”

    CAI is a leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing services with more than 4,500 people. Headquartered in Allentown, PA, CAI works with Fortune 1000 companies and local, state and federal agencies to drive IT innovation.

    CoreValue Services is a global software and technology company that delivers innovative solutions to the Pharmatech, Healthcare, and Financial Sectors to help businesses achieve their objectives.

    Contact Information:
    CoreValue Services
    Anastasiia Vlasova
    Contact via Email
    18 Overlook Ave, Suite 9
    Rochelle Park, NJ 07662
    Anastasiia Vlasova

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    Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines, July 27, 2018 --( Nuesmart Inc. is proud to introduce the NS1000 Key Less Battery Lock for lockers. This locking solution gives businesses the freedom, and flexibility, to safely secure employee and clients’ belongings without the hassle of messy wires, or complicated IT systems.

    By combining advanced electronic lock hardware with a powerful, yet easy to use, smartphone app the NS1000 system creates a smart locker from almost any design of locker or cabinet for efficient use of personal and shared storage space.

    With Nuesmart’s smartphone app administration added to the ultra-reliable key less entry system for users, the NS1000 has no metal keys, plastic cards or RFID tags to get lost and continually replace.

    In addition, facilities managers can quickly and easily add or delete storage locker users and locker usage set-up. Plus, with the “open at a set time” function facilities management can easily let the caretaker staff or maintenance staff access for their duties.

    Mr. Ryan Rubio, Sales and Marketing Director for Nuesmart Inc., stated, “Nuesmart’s unique smartphone application enables facilities to reduce the number of lockers needed for a certain gym or similar facility by up to 50% when compared to a fixed system where a locker is assigned to a user. This gives huge savings in installation and running costs.”

    The NS1000 was launched in May 2018 and is now being distributed worldwide via Nuesmart’s network of official distributors.

    For more information on how to become a distributor or for information on the NS1000 please contact Nuesmart Inc. directly.

    Contact Information:
    Nuesmart Inc
    John Morgan
    +63 917 6344 673
    Contact via Email

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    New Taipei City, Taiwan, July 27, 2018 --( Korenix Technology (Sweden Beijer Electronics Group) is pleased to launch the new JetCon 3701G industrial Gigabit PoE Ethernet media converter which provide the users with the selection of Ethernet, Power-over-Ethernet, Transportation Management solutions.

    The Korenix JetCon 3701G industrial Gigabit PoE Ethernet media converter is an advanced and cost effective high power PoE media converter. JetCon 3701 is not only designed with IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at compliance but also has slim metal case and IP-31 protection. For its strong characteristics, it supplies single power input, the functionality of real time redundant power backup results in a real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with a non-stop transmission. It also has 10-60V wide voltage inputs for different field using.

    Most of Gigabit Ethernet Media converter features Link Loss Forwarding function (LLF) to forward link status change to alert remote or central management system. However, this is only for the cable event and is not enough for industrial network application. JetCon 3701G provides an alarm relay to trigger out a real alarm signal for port or power event. The alarm mechanism can be configured by a simple DIP switch and trigger an external alarm equipment to inform maintenance engineers. It makes a result of maintenance time saving.

    The Korenix JetCon 3701G supports graceful traffic management ability, it also compliance with EN50121-4 certification. All of traffic will be forwarding by the packet precedence or priority ID and result as different service priority. Besides, it also filter unnecessary broadcast packet by broadcast storm control and drop abnormal packet to enlarge network performance.

    Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronics Group Company, is devoted to designing and manufacturing high-quality Industrial Ethernet and Wireless Products to ensure high quality and reliability of industrial networks.

    Tel: +886-2-8911-1000

    Contact Information:
    Korenix Technology
    Sharon Liao
    Contact via Email

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    Lake Success, NY, July 27, 2018 --( Voicebrook will demonstrate its new reporting platform, VoiceOver PRO, Pathology Reporting Optimized, at the Sunquest User Group annual conference taking place July 29 - August 3 at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, AZ. Representatives will be available at booth #104 Monday July 30 - Wednesday August 1.

    The Sunquest User Group will be shining a "Spotlight on Excellence" this year, highlighting the best solutions for Pathology laboratories. The event is an opportunity for Pathology professionals to network, learn about new strategies for lab management, and discover new technologies to bring their labs into the future. Attendees will also be able to view demonstrations of the latest solutions to optimize their CoPathPlus and PowerPath systems, including VoiceOver PRO.

    "We always look forward to the SUG annual conference, but we are especially excited this year," said Joe Desiderio, President of Voicebrook. "VoiceOver PRO has been a game-changer for our clients, and we are excited to be able to demonstrate its benefits to the Sunquest community."

    VoiceOver PRO is the simplest and most accurate way to create Pathology reports with CoPathPlus and PowerPath. PRO’s Report Builder® allows users to create and view entire reports in one place without having to toggle between windows. Gross and microscopic templates are automatically formatted to laboratory standards and allow for easy capture of discrete data in synoptic reports. The solution also features the PRO Assistant®, a second set of eyes to aid Pathologists in accurately reporting the correct diagnosis and its supporting information. As with previous Voicebrook product offerings, PRO provides flexible dictation options such as downtime reporting and digital recording for front-end capture and third-party editing. This intelligent reporting tool is designed to improve quality, speed, and productivity while reducing cost to maximize return on investment for any laboratory.

    To learn more about PRO, visit

    About Voicebrook:

    Voicebrook was founded in 2002 by Pathology and Speech Recognition industry veterans and is based in Long Island, New York. With over 550 sites across the US, Canada, and Australia, Voicebrook is the leading provider of speech recognition and reporting solutions for Pathology. VoiceOver PRO is the ONLY speech recognition-based reporting solution tailored to Pathology. VoiceOver PRO integrates directly with all major Anatomic Pathology systems and expands upon core Dragon® Medical functionality to ensure the highest levels of success with speech recognition in any laboratory environment, empowering Pathologists to save time, save money, and save lives.

    Contact Information:
    Voicebrook, Inc.
    Catherine Cole
    (813) 344-3751 x3751
    Contact via Email

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    Barcelona, Spain, July 28, 2018 --( WoMaster launches the new DS409 – industrial L2 Managed Ethernet switch. The device is equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 100M/1000M fiber SFP ports. ViewMaster configuration utility and USB port for configuration file can help mass installation and site support. DS406 supports latest ERPS v2 ring standard and is fully compatible with 3rd party devices for flexible network planning. Wide operation temperature design (-40~70oC) can withstand critical industrial environment. All switches pass 4 hours 60゚C stress test before delivery to ensure utmost quality.

    Benefits of DS406,
    Industrial 4G+2G SFP Managed Ethernet switch:

    4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 100M/1000M fiber SFP ports
    L2 management: WebGUI, CLI, Telnet, SNMP v1/v2c/v3/trap, LLDP topology control, NMS for individual component monitoring
    ViewMaster configuration Utility for easy mass installation and support
    USB for easy field side configuration and firmware update
    ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS Ring Redundancy fully compatible with 3rd party devices for flexible network planning, 50ms protection and recovery switching
    Rugged design for IP-surveillance: -40~70゚C op.t., 95%humidity, 12~48VDC, IEC 61000-6-2/4 Heavy Industrial Environment

    About WoMaster :
    WoMaster Group is an international group with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, waste water, intelligent transportation and IP surveillance. WoMaster product range includes Industrial Networking and Computing products.


    Contact Information:
    Tatiana Khunkhenova
    Contact via Email

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    Barcelona, Spain, July 28, 2018 --( WoMaster has launched DP406 - industrial L2 smart managed PoE switch equipped with 4 Gigabit PoE af/at ports and 2 100M/1000M fiber SFP ports. The 4 Gigabit PoE/PoE+ ports can feed IP cam or wireless AP up to 30W/port.

    DP406 supports the latest ERPS v2 ring which is fully compatible with third party devices for flexible network upgrade. USB port for configuration file can help mass installation and site support. Wide operation temperature design (-40~70oC) can withstand critical industrial environment.

    All switches pass 4-hour 60oC stress test before delivery to ensure utmost quality. NMS NetMaster provides network management for up to 2000 nodes.

    Benefits of DP406:
    Industrial 4G+2G SFP Managed PoE Switch

    - High bandwidth through 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 Giga SFP ports
    - 4 Giga IEEE 802.3af/at compliance PoE ports, up to 30W per port, 120W power budget, complete PoE management, including per-port Power Budget Control, PoE Scheduling and PoE Status
    - ITU-T G.8032 v1/v2 ERPS Ring Redundancy for high interoperability and millisecond-level network recovery
    - Convenient management: NMS NetMaster, configuration utility ViewMaster, LLDP for topology control, USB for field installation and configuration, various configuration paths, including WebGUI, CLI, Telnet, SNMP V1/V2c/V3/trap
    - Rugged design: wide operation temp. range -40~70oC, 95%humidity, wide operating voltage range 12~48VDC, compliance with IEC 61000-6-2/4 Heavy Industrial Environment

    About WoMaster:
    WoMaster Group is an international group with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, waste water, intelligent transportation and IP surveillance. WoMaster product range includes Industrial Networking and Computing products.


    Contact Information:
    Tatiana Khunkhenova
    Contact via Email

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